The Best Grill and Smoker Combo

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Summer is here. The kitchen feels stuffy and lonely. Your desire is to cook in the open space of the garden over a real fire like a Neanderthal. Instead of just wishing, why not venture out and purchase a smoker grill combo that you can use to start a real fire, smoke, roast or even grill some meat for yourself and your loved ones? This article will disclose to you the best grill and smoker combo in 2017 to make your shopping less daunting.

Best Grill and Smoker Combos 2017

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill/ Smoker Combo

mlgortiue0Quality is the perfect definition for the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. This grill/ smoker combo comes with a large cooking surface that can handle approximately 5 full racks of baby backs or four 12-pound turkeys at a go. Its hopper holds 40 pounds wood pellets instead of the usual 20 pounds. Scanning through the hundreds of online customer reviews, we could not stop reading about exceptional customer service. The simple controls of the REC TEC Wood pellet grill give you the power to keep the temperature constant from as low as 180 degrees Farenheight to as high as 500 degrees Farenheight. This Wood pellet grill also comes with a six-year warranty for all its components.

Pit Barrel Grill/ Smoker Combo

With an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 and approximately 500 reviews on Amazon, there is no other grill/ smoker combo with massive fame like the Pit Barrel Grill. This grill/ smoker combo also comes with a great combination of accessories including hooks and hanging racks to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Even though this barrel cooker is fueled by charcoal, perfect alignment of its bottom with foil makes cleanup easy. Furthermore, it is easy to use this grill/ smoker combo. All you have to do is to season your meat, close up the lid, and just leave it until it’s ready. Additionally, the grill can be easily taken apart for effortless transporting or tailgating. The sufficient cooking surface of this grill will permit you to cook 8 racks of ribs, 2 turkeys or approximately 4 chickens at a go.

Pit Boss Kamado Barbecue Grill/ Smoker Combo

This grill/ smoker combo is usually oval shaped. Apart from grilling, you can also use it as an Indian Tandoor or a pizza oven. Kamado grills are fueled by charcoal. The Pit Boss comes with two bamboo shelves that fold out on both sides and an inbuilt thermometer, making it a perfect addition to your patio or backyard area. Furthermore, this strong piece of equipment comes with easy step by step assembling guidelines. One of its biggest pros is the ability to control heat with high-level reliability and accuracy.

Char-Broil Big Easy Grill/ Smoker Combo

The Char-Broil Big Easy not only smokes and grills but also roasts! This grill/ smoker combo is fueled by propane and uses the infrared technology to minimize flare-ups. The Char-Broil can cook a 20-pound turkey in just three hours. According to many positive online customer reviews, this is an excellent grill/ smoker combo you will ever own for family cookouts.

Wrapping It Up

33cncbxcbj The Char-Broil, the Pit Boss Kamado, and the Pit Barrel are some of the favorite medium-priced best grill and smoker combos. The Pit Boss Kamado, the Char-Broil and Pit Barrel have a fabulous online reputation and are perfect for both grilling and smoking. If you have some $1, 000 for investing, purchase the highly-functional and beautiful REC TEC. All the 4 grill/ smoker combos are perfect for home use and will look great in any backyard.