Woodworking Studio

wood finishes

These are woodworking facilities that deal with the various finishing processes on wood. Some of the major services offered by them include bevelling, trimming, hand assembly, round cornering, edge colouring, foil gliding, pasting/duplexing and hand bordering. Most of these companies have well-trained teams who ensure that every piece of work is created with utmost care. EdgeWorks studio is one of the best woodworking studios that offer these services. They are known for producing elegant design and finishes that meet all your specific requirements.

Wood finishing companies have special tools that help them in creating good finishes. The following are main tools used by these companies.

Touch-up tools

Hiding some of the small mistakes is one of the essential skills of a good woodworker. Touch-up tools are used in disguising the small defects like sanded through edges, glue spots, fill-ins, and light-coloured scratches. The common types of touch-up tools include touch-up pens, wood tone coloured markers, and coloured pencils.


The type of the finishing brush used is dependent on the task being performed. For instance, vanishing is done using a vanishing brush instead of a paintbrush. vanishing brush This brush is well-constructed and designed, and it can flow evenly on thin finishes. They are designed with fine natural bristles that are densely packed. Sand brushes are used for applying finishes evenly on the uneven surfaces.

Task lighting

This is a movable source of light. It is mainly used for finishing and sanding operations. Surfaces are highlighted with light to reveal any problems or defects. They come in different colours.

Wood colouring materials

These are the different types of stains used in changing the wood’s natural colour. The main ones include;

Top quality abrasives

These include steel wool, high tech sandpaper, and abrasive nylon pads. High-end sandpapers consist of abrasive particles. They are very sharp. They are mainly used in producing uniform and durable scratched patterns. Steel wool is also used in producing a smooth finish on a product.

sand paper

High-quality steel wool should be used in this operation because low-quality ones are quite oily. Nylon abrasive pads are helpful in producing smooth finishes without leaving steel fibers behind.

Dye stains

These are unique stains that have subtle and powerful colouring abilities. For instance, they are used in amplifying or toning the curly figure of an aged tint. Water-soluble dyes are very easy to use. It is one of the best choices for accentuating figured woods.